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If you are looking to launch your brand on the social platforms for exposure, traffic and monetization then you are at very ideal place! Facebook Guru’s experience with social media has lead us to combine in-house strategic, media buying, and engineering resources to ensure the best possible results for our clients.Read More

Facebook Guru – Giving voice to your Brand!

Wether you’re a web entrepreneur, internet retailer, guerrilla marketer, performer, media man or a student; you can leverage social media marketing benefits to expand your business, brand or name. Engaging and profitable social networking applications can place your brand effectively on the social media landscape.

Digitally streaming social network, Facebook, brings new opportunities for your brand’s exponential growth and effective branding. Facebook having 3.6% of total earth’s population makes it an ultimate platform for e-marketers to reach out to their targeted audience and employ its viral effects to better engage with their market.

Facebook Applications – A Winning strategy!

Facebook application development can pan out your media strategies with the extensive reach and maximized engagement that it offers. Facebook application developers are constantly strategizing innovative ideas for putting out your business message to millions. Facebook applications are smart social networking solutions that will help you achieve your socializing goals.

Facebook Guru – A creative Social Media Company!

Our skill set includes strategists, copywriters, designers, developers, project managers and client servicing managers, who team up to accomplish seemingly difficult tasks with ease and perfection. Our agile methodologies keep consistency in our work and our dedication for putting you in the brightest spot just sets everything straight for you and your consumers.

Facebook guru is capable of creating exceptional social networking custom applications for Facebook, Bebo, Friendster and MySpace. We are equipped with state of the art technology that brings out best of our expertise in Facebook widget development and Facebook connect integration.

Let your competition plead for its survival. Beat them with a Facebook application!

Our Clients

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Facebook application developer


"Excellent work! we are very satisfied with the outcome"

Name: Ana Castro
Company: Premier Social Media

"Facebook Guru really helped us a lot with our Facebook App needs. From
development and even after completion, Facebook Guru was with us every
step of the way"

Client: Nick Gardner
Project: Which Ms. Piggieverse Contestant are You?
Category: Facebook Application

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